Fattoria di Pietrabuona



La Fattoria di Pietrabuona, a Galeotti Flori family's property since the very beginning, is set in an attractive rural position on the evergreen Zano Hill. A private country road connects all the poderi of the estate.

What does podere mean? From the Middle Ages to the Sixties of the 20th century, the podere was the centre of the rural society in Tuscany. It included the land and the farmhouse where the farmer lived with his family, who took part in the farm works. Many different crops were cultivated, so as to cover all the needs and make the farmer self-sufficient.

The farmhouse, the place where to live and work, also included rooms used as animal stables, cellar and vat-rooms for the wine, granary for processing and store corn, metato for drying chestnuts, barn for preserving hay, stock room for tools and products.

Today the Fattoria di Pietrabuona  has seven poderi, still known by their old names (Zano, Cima a Zano, Sondino, Piastriccio, Tremignani, ecc.). Their farmhouses have been recently refurbished and restored to a full rustic charm.

Some of them consist of only one apartment while others are divided into two or three apartments: their names remind the farmer who lived there (Casa di Pietro, Casa di Gigi, ecc.) or the use he made of that portion of farmhouse (Tinaia, Stalle, Fienile, ecc.).



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