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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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The traditional cuisine of Tuscany would not be what it is without olive oil and the landscape would not be what it is without olive trees. Centuries ago the terrain surrounding the farmhouses has been reconfigured into terraces to cultivate the olive trees. This adds to the beauty of the hills but prevents our farmers from using tractors or other farm machineries.

We harvest the olives by hand. The movement of hand gripping a branch, clenching it at the bottom and making the olives fall onto nets or into the baskets is called “brucatura”. The nets under the trees and the ladders leaning against the upper branches, so that we do not miss the precious “drupe”, anticipate the perfume and flavor of the new oil. The picked olives are hand washed to remove leaves and twigs and then put in small boxes to be taken to the olive-press within 48 hours of harvest.


Our Farm has around 1100 olive trees under cultivation (“frantoio” and leccino” type). The impressive oil filled jars found in the shop come from Impruneta, the historic cradle of terracotta near Florence.



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