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Pescia and surroundings


Places of antique flavor , Collodi and Svizzera Pesciatina are located on the border between Pistoia and Lucca, just a few steps from Pescia . Villages set, olive groves and woods of chestnut, oak and locust trees are enclosed ideally in an area surrounding the town of Pescia .

Collodi is a small village of medieval origins , whose name is linked closely around that of Carlo Lorenzini , who lived here from the early years of childhood and life and character of the place has drawn much inspiration for his famous book .

Known primarily for the Pinocchio Park , the historic Giardino Garzoni and Butterfly House , Collodi  leaves
enchanted the visitor who allows to be guided in the small streets wonderfully preserved, among the remains of the fortified structures , the ancient fortress, the Pieve di San Bartolomeo and his precious organ.

Back in Pescia , again for the Valleriana , places the historian and economist Giancarlo Sismondi (1773-1842) called Svizzera Pescia in memory of his  land, Geneve, in which he saw the outline of the hills and mountain villages .

Ten " castles " medieval , ten villages that hint at one after the other along the Val di Forfora or Val di Torbola : from Pietrabuona , door and lookout for the Swiss Pescia , to Vellano , Medicina, Aramo , Fibbialla , Sorana , San Quirico , Castelvecchio , Stiappa , up to Pontito .

Precious places because keepers of ancient traditions , from agriculture to crafts , art and gastronomy : the IGP Sorana bean and chestnut flour , paper and paper mills , copper and stone are just some of the products
telling about the past and present of these places.





 Distances from Fattoria di Pietrabuona :

 Pescia 4 km about

 Collodi 7 km about





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